Italy reprieved by EPC

Italy has been handed a reprieve by the European Pattern Committee (EPC) after facing exclusion from the European pattern program.

It will be allowed to remain in the group, at least for the time being, depending on improvements and consistent payment of prize money.

Italy’s inability to pay purse money in a timely manner prompted threats by the EPC to expel the country from the program.  Those conditions had since been met according to EPC chairman Brian Cavanagh.

“We have had a positive reaction and I’m happy with the situation at the moment and the assurances we have been given, but the conditions will remain in place and have to be met.  If not, we will review the matter again.”

Kavanagh indicated that all money for 2013 and 2014 had been distributed as requested.  “The only prize-money still to be paid relates to domestic owners for the remainder of 2012, which we’re told amounts to around 27 million euros.

“It’s a complicated process because of local laws, but this is expected to be paid in 2015 and the Italian industry seems to be satisfied with that commitment.”