TBA unanimously against new Rules of Racing

Dear Breeder:   I write to you on behalf of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA), concerning the attempt by Racing Australia to bring all breeders under the Rules of Racing.

As you can imagine, this issue was the subject of considerable discussion at our board meeting last week.  During that meeting the directors of TBA voted unanimously to oppose the new Rules of Racing being forced on breeders by Racing Australia, as well as the new rule for the Australian Stud Book that would require all breeders to agree to come under the Rules of Racing when lodging a mare return.

It was clear at our meeting that breeders across the country have been relaying their opposition to these rules to their state breeding bodies. TBA has also been overwhelmed by the opposition these rules have caused among our members.

While we will support measures which enhance animal welfare and improve transparency and traceability of ownership in thoroughbreds, what is being proposed at present would see bodies established to run racing having total control over the breeding industry. Without meaningful representation we believe this is potentially very damaging for our industry.

We are in consultation with our lawyers and we will consider all options available to challenge these new rules.

In the meantime we would strongly suggest that breeders consider deferring lodgment of their mare returns until after we receive our legal advice.

At TBA we are committed to keeping you informed of all developments on this issue and will contact you when we have something further to report.

We are also very keen to hear your thoughts on the new rules; I would encourage you to participate in a survey we have commissioned on this subject. At the end of the survey (which should take just a few minutes to complete) there is an opportunity to provide feedback and express your opinion. The results are very valuable to TBA.

To take the survey click here

Kind regards,
Basil Nolan
President TBA