TBQA welcomes Liberal – National Party landslide in Queensland

The Thoroughbred Breeders Queensland Association has congratulated Campbell Newman and the Liberal – National Party on their resounding victory in the Queensland State election.

“This could only be a positive move for the breeding and racing industries,” TBQA President Basil Nolan said.  “Our Association has had very pleasing correspondence with Premier Newman in the lead up to this election.”

Nolan is confident a positive partnership will be formed with the new Government.  “They’ve already outlined a commitment to increase prizemoney,” Nolan said.  “Of course, we want to see a much bigger slice of the pie for our industry and that’s a step in the right direction.  I’m confident our concerns will at least be listened to by the LNP.”

Premier Newman will introduce legislation to dismantle Racing Queensland.  The changing of the guard began on Monday when senior executives Malcolm Tuttle, Jamie Orchard, Paul Brennan and Shara Reid tendered their resignations

Racing Queensland supremo Bob Bentley will also leave his post after a tumultuous tenure as chairman.  “I’ve made my position clear with the LNP policy,” Bentley said.  “It wouldn’t be fair for me to stay on – even if they didn’t change the legislation.”

A Ministerial Advisory Committee will be formed immediately to supervise the administering of racing until the legislation is passed.  “We need to regroup and work together for the betterment of racing,” Nolan continued.  “This will only occur if all racing groups are one force – there is strength in unity.

“The TBQA will continue to fight for a moratorium on coal seam gas and mining encroachment on prime agriculture and breeding land.  These areas are crucial for the livelihoods of the majority of Queensland’s breeders and we must continue the pressure to save them.”

While not going as far as endorsing a moratorium on CSG and mining, the Liberal – National Party has promised planning reforms and more extensive consultation in threatened areas, particularly the Scenic Rim and Darling Downs.

Nolan plans to meet with the relevant representatives of the LNP Government as soon as the dust settles on the election.  “The TBQA knows what our industry needs,” he declared.  “And we want to see some of these measures implemented as soon as possible.”