The Longhorn Express open for business at Magic Millions National Sale

Legendary R M Williams travelling retail store The Longhorn Express celebrates 10 years on the road at the upcoming Gold Coast Magic Millions National Sale.

“Since 2001, in excess of two million people have walked the floorboards of The Longhorn Express at bush concerts, festivals, rodeos and other major events across the nation,” R M Williams CEO Hamish Turner said.

“The instantly recognisable homestead-style store has provided shoppers with an authentic Australian shopping experience, anywhere, anytime – a tradition we plan to continue.

“The R M Williams Longhorn Express has given us the unique ability to deliver our distinctive Australian style to the very people for whom this company was built.  From Tom Price in West Australia to Muttaburra in Queensland and everywhere between, The Longhorn Express has taken isolation in its stride and provided a travelling R M Williams store to the people and places of rural Australia.”

Having covered more than 300,000km, the equivalent of 12 times around Australia, The Longhorn Express has become an integral part of Australia’s bush culture and an iconic semblance of the R M Williams brand.

The Longhorn Express has something for everyone with a wide range of R M Williams items such as boots, jeans, t-shirts, polos and shirts, accessories including belts, wallets and mosaic belt buckles and Outback Magazine.

The R M Williams Longhorn Express will be open for trading from May 23 to June 8 at the Magic Millions Gold Coast sales complex.